West Norfolk

There are few counties in the country that are as diverse as Norfolk, with so many different personalities.

There are well-preserved market towns and picturesque villages, from Georgian splendour to thatch and flint; an ancient landscape of cultivated arable fields and farms, grazing and pastureland, punctuated by the unique man-made Broads, the rolling countryside of south Norfolk, the sandy pine forests and heathlands of the Brecks and the wilderness wetlands of the Fens.

You'll soon notice the varying pace of life, from relaxed coastal villages that were once prosperous ports to the bustling metropolis.

Why not enjoy a picnic or even sail on the famous Norfolk Broads. The picturesque scenery along the 303km of waterways, was created by Romans, and later the local monasteries, digging up peat for fuel and to sell. These sites flooded in the middle ages leaving us with some of the world's most famous protected land.


As one of our Queen's many homes, Sandringham has lovely grounds for walks, pictures, an early morning jog or even a family game of cricket. It is also possible to take a tour of the Queen's private grounds. King George V & VI both passed away in Sandringham House, and so the Queen has spent each anniversary of her father's death at the house ever since 1952. It is also where the royal family gather for their New Year celebrations and meet local well-wishers

As well as all this, there is plenty more to see and explore within West Norfolk and Norfolk. For more info, click here